Borneo Divers in collaboration with Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) hosted the SEVENTH celebration of Mabul World Turtle Day 2019 event from 29 April until 2 May 2019 at the Borneo Divers Mabul Resort in Mabul Island, Semporna. This programme will contribute towards the on-going sea turtle research activities in Mabul as well as to educate the residents and visitors to Mabul Island about marine conservation.

The event was officiated by YB Tuan Assaffal P.  Alian (Assistant Minister of Tourism, Culture & Environment Sabah), on  30th April 2019 and Puan Jamilah Binti Abdul Halim (Director of Tourism Malaysia Sabah), Puan Norasmah Binti Jaafar (Director of Kolej Komuniti Semporna), Ms Doreen Dominic Munting (Assistant Product Manager of Sabah Tourism Board) and Mr Jon Taran (Officer from Wildlife Department Tawau) attended the opening ceremony.

There are 2 working groups comprising  diving team and research teams. The diving team headed by Ms Christine Perroud (The Borneo Connections Sdn. Bhd.) and Mr Subuh (Honorary Wildlife Warden from the Borneo Divers Mabul Resort) were responsible for capturing the turtles underwater and the research team headed by Dr Pushpa Palaniappan from Borneo Marine Research Institute of Universiti Malaysia Sabah was responsible for the sea turtle biological research including monitoring the short-term growth rates.

Students from the schools on the island were having great fun with a variety of games on the beach of Borneo Divers.  There were a lot of presents to be won.  They were excited over their winning prizes.

In the evening of 30th April 2019, Dr. Pushpa held a talk and quiz session to instill knowledge of turtle conservation for students.

A BBQ dinner on the 4th day marked the closing ceremony.  All participants received Certificates of Participation from the organizer, and the donors  received Adoption Certificate for adopting sea turtles.  A total of 15 dives made by the diving team over the 4 days duration, with a total of 79 turtles were tagged.

Borneo Divers took the opportunity to recognize and laud the honesty of the Housekeeping personnel,  Mr Jen Jen Karmin for reporting a lost and found valuable Apple brand watch to the office.  It was indeed a great night and everyone had fun.  Looking forward for Borneo Divers’ Celebration of Sea Turtle Day event in November.

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