International Coastal Cleanup with Borneo Divers at Mamutik Island, Kota Kinabalu

Borneo Divers’ staff, families and friends kicked start beach clean-up at 8:30 in the morning at Borneo Divers Mamutik Island compound.

Very Sad! Found all sorts of trash that do not belong to the beach.

Everyone were doing their best to clean the island.

Divers were preparing to start reef clean up at Manukan island in the morning.   Briefing was conducted by Borneo Divers instructor, Marilyn.

Junior divers, Keira & Julia joined the underwater clean up too!

Getting ready in action!

In only 10minutes, 1 full mesh bag of garbage collected.

Julia, the junior diver did not give up and gently picked up the trash that got stuck near the corals with good buoyancy control, trying not to damage the coral.

Thanks to Rachel, Julia managed to pull the trash out carefully.

Oh no! How long has this plastic bottle been down here?

Wonder how did this hose ended down here?

Don’t worry, we got it!

Poor visibility does not stop them from reef cleaning.

No harm having a little fun time underwater right?

Time to bring the trash out from the ocean.

Out from the ocean for good. A total of 60.1kg of garbage collected from the ocean.

Our team at the beach was also doing a good job cleaning up the beach. A total of 90.5kg garbage collected.

Happy to carry the garbage to the garbage collecting centre for measurement.

Overall it was a fruitful day, we have collected a total of 150.6kg of garbage today. Thank you to those who took part in World Cleanup day at Mamutik Island with Borneo Divers.  Until next time.

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