Dive Sites in Mabul, Semporna

Situated only about 20 minutes by speedboat from Sipadan, and 40 minutes from mainland Semporna, Mabul is recognized as one of the world’s best “muck-diving” sites, has a shallow reef profile with sandy bottom and patches of sea grass and also one of the richest single destinations for exotic small marine life in the world.

The coral reefs of Mabul at first glance do not look very picturesque and inviting, however it is the diversity of macro animals inhabiting the coral rubble and sea grass sites that put Mabul on the diving map. Flamboyant cuttlefish, blue-ringed octopus, mimic octopus, gobies and frogfishes are everywhere, as are moray, snake eels and practically the whole scorpion fish family. There’s no doubt about it, Mabul is a magical macro site! The beauty of Mabul will also appeal greatly to non – divers as well.

Dive sites in Mabul area such as: –

Eel Garden

Ray Point

Panglima Reef 

Lobster Wall

Crocodile Avenue

Froggy Lair

Coral Reef Garden

Paradise 1

Paradise 2